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Datel provide a range of customised billing services and solutions to help carriers and end clients formulate and better understand their billing data. With tools provided by Datel or by the client, services are constructed to offer a bespoke and meaningful reporting package that provide data to show that the client is getting value-for-money and to help the relevant in-house teams to manage their costs.

Accurate reporting requires effective management of communications assets, clarity of the application of fixed and variable tariffs and experience of the underlying technologies in the network infrastructure that deliver the services.

In addition to being able to identify savings in the form of unused or under utilised assets, we can provide advice on how best to deploy existing assets and support new business processes. We can also provide help when an organisation is relocating all or parts of their organisation or investing in new technologies.

Bill Review

We provide customisable billing review services as part of our DatelCheck audit to regularly report on the accuracy and content of communication services bills.

With many suppliers and telecoms carriers moving to electronic or web-based billing services, our team can gain access to client bills through the service provider’s billing portal, negating the need for the exchange of large paper documents and making the whole process much easier.

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Client bills are analysed based on the known network infrastructure, tariffs are checked and any one-off charges are verified with the nominated client contact. Recurring charges are checked against the current asset database and any discrepancies highlighted. Items that are unused can be checked against the database to validate their need and those that remain unused for a period of time will be reviewed. Where possible the assets will be marked with their contractual term and the client notified when this has expired.

Invoices are then marked as approved and the client’s finance department given the go-ahead to process ready for payment. Areas of dispute or erroneous billing are detailed and passed to the client for onward action. As an option our professional services staff can conduct the evaluation and rectification directly with the vendor.

Bill Consolidation & Production

We aim to provide greater clarity and better integration of vendor bills by creating customised billing solutions. We can manage the on-going usage for all types of billing activity, comparing bills with recurring charges and creating a formatted bill that is easy to read and can be fed into the client's business systems.

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Because of the bespoke nature of these requirements, every client situation is different. However, there is a general framework:

We meet with the client to identify the current billing methods and processes, understand from where usage data is collected and what reporting format and frequency the client prefers. Internal costs can be added to provide an overall charge for all communications services and then used to recharge specific proportions directly back to the users via a Cost Centre Management application, either at cost, or in the event of the collecting cost-centre being run on a P&L basis, at a profit.


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As part of an on-going consultancy assignment to reduce Opex costs for our client, Datel also arranged for the various suppliers to provide access to the monthly billing data via both on-line portals and paper bills. We were able to identify a number of discrepancies, particularly where services had been cancelled as part of the cost reduction exercise and had then reappeared in the bills some time later. Examples were also found of cancellation charges for circuits that were past their minimum term.

We continued to compare supplier bills with the known asset list to ensure that the client was only paying for what existed and provide proof of services that had been ceased, along with their contractual term details to request credits for the erroneous charges.

Bill Consolidation & Production - Oil & Energy - Click here to see more

A major UK telecommunications company had a requirement to provide a customised billing solution to their own customer in the oil and energy sector as part of a managed voice services contract.

The service covers 26 different sites and communication systems and from a peak of 12,000 extensions now supports around 8,000.

Billing needed to consolidate extension usage and rental charges. The rental cost fluctuated with the number of users and an extension could be allocated to a cost-centre for a single day. In addition, the client needed to be able to bill their customer at one rate whilst the end-client billed their departments at another, the difference covering the telecoms department’s own costs.

Additional items were added to the bill including costs for moves adds and changes and call charges and rentals for voice gateways provided to other parts of the end-client’s business not included in the managed service.

Our team has provided this consolidated billing service for over 20 years.