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Justifying a move to unified communications Keeping cost down by reducing over-capacity in voice networks Overcoming SiP implementation issues Finding and fixing billing errors Specialists in communications infrastructure

Justifying a move to unified communications

Find out from the experts exactly the kind of
questions you need to ask to make your
investment in unified comms work!



Keeping cost down by reducing over-capacity in voice networks

Monitoring usage of network assets is essential to ensuring
the delivery of value-for-money.
With significant changes
in organisations structures
and the changing methods for communication,
is there over capacity in your network?

Datel deploy tools and techniques to measure capacity
and recommend changes to better utilise the infrastructure.


Overcoming SiP implementation issues

Although SiP is a standard, there are a number
of interpretations that require clarification
before embarking on an implementation project.

We can help you cut through the fog and ensure
your implementation costs don't get out of hand!


Finding and fixing billing errors

Vendor bills for communications infrastructure
and services can be complicated to read
and difficult to process. In Datel’s experience
there can also often be inaccuracies.

A complete audit of your suppliers invoices
that matches billing data to assets will ensure
that you are only paying for what you use.


Specialists in communications infrastructure

Everything we do is focused on making our clients'
communications assets work for them properly
aligning performance and capability to business
demands and avoiding unnecessary expense.




The marriage of technology and business is often a tricky one. Too often we see and read about networking projects which don't deliver what a business needs. This can happen after the program has started and commercial commitment has been made. More worryingly, incompatibilities between expectation. 

With over 20 years of experience designing, building and managing networks, we think we’ve seen most of the ‘gotchas’ and have developed a suite of services and tools which helps mitigate against these issues.and network function often appear after a network has been in operation for a while, which can be very expensive to correct.


Unified communications for 13 sites and 2000 users!


In an oil and energy sector based company, we project managed the deployment of a UK wide, unified communications platform covering 13 sites and 2,000 users. Datel planned the transition of this implementation from a legacy PBX platform maintaining delivery of all services, over 7 weekends.


Find out the kind of questions you need to ask to make a move to UC successful »




Audit services

Best practice and value-for-money is a key requirement in all types of business. Our audit services provide you with up-to-date, accurate information, putting you back in control.


Project management

We have successfully delivered technology based projects from a multi-million pound business start-up for an international carrier to a simple PBX upgrade.


Design and planning

With experience of designing communications networks spanning 20 years, we have been involved with most standards -based and non-standard methods of technical implementation.



We have been involved in many procurement exercises from small PBXs to corporate IP-VPNs. We are registered with the Consultancy Services Divisions of most equipment and carrier vendors.